How to Do Simple Jewelry Repairs at Home

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If your favorite necklace or bracelet breaks, don't despair! Most jewelry repairs are simple enough to do at home with some basic tools and replacement items that you can purchase from your local craft shop. Here are instructions for what you need to do to repair each kind of jewelry and what tools you should use to get the job done. Broken Clasp Supplies needed: New clasp, jump rings, jewelry pliers

30 July 2015

3 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Salon's Shampoo Bowls

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There are few things more enjoyable for a person than to get their hair washed at a salon. It can be extremely relaxing to have the salon worker massage your head as they get your hair ready for styling. However, that enjoyment can turn into horror if you notice the shampoo bowl is dirty, stained, or worse, smells badly before you get your hair washed. Not all salon workers realize that they must clean the shampoo bowl properly.

28 May 2015

Best Tips For Getting The Perfect Spray Tan

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With prom and wedding season underway, girls are wanting to look their very best.  Nothing can help improve your appearance more than healthy, radiant skin.  In years past, many would flock to a tanning salon, like Tan Your Hide, in preparation for the big event.  However, with recent concerns of over-exposure to UVA rays, and some states even banning minors from tanning bed use, people are looking for another option.  With this in mind, most tanning salons are also offering the professional application of sunless tanning sprays as an alternative for getting that flawless, golden glow.

27 March 2015