4 Hints For Making Your Eyelash Extensions Last

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If you weren't gifted with long, full eyelashes, you need a convenient way to make up the difference. Applying fake lashes every day would be awfully time-consuming, and mascara is often not enough to give you the results you want. On the whole, lash extensions are both effective and a time-saver. However, having extensions applied can be pricey, and each appointment can last for several hours. It's in your best interest to make the extensions last as long as possible. Check out a few tips that can help.

Change Your Sleeping Position

If you're a side-sleeper or a stomach-sleeper, you should consider changing positions to sleep on your back for a few days after you have lashes applied. It can take time for the eyelash glue to fully dry and set in place, and until then, it will be easy to accidentally lose lashes. Sleeping on your back can help ensure that you don't lose any in your sleep, and that you don't accidentally wind up with bent lashes.

Use an Eyelash Sealer

Eyelash sealer is a serum that is applied in much the same way that eyeliner is. Using it daily can help keep your lashes strong and in their correct places. Just put it on in the morning after washing your face, and let it dry for a few moments before applying any eye makeup.               

Be Gentle When Removing Eye Makeup

If you normally use cotton balls or pads to remove your eye makeup, it's time to make a change. You'll have to use too much pressure to remove your eye makeup with these items, and that can weaken your lashes. Plus, tiny pieces of cotton can actually get stuck on the lash extensions. Choose smooth wipes or towelettes that are moistened with a gentle cleanser instead, and use caution when removing your eye makeup. Wipe gently, and never rub your eyes to remove makeup.

Moisturize Your Lashes

If your new extensions are allowed to dry out, they can begin to look sparse and unkempt, and they can even start to fall out. Keep them moisturized by applying a small amount of baby oil to your lashes before you go to bed at night. You can apply a drop to your clean fingertip and wipe it gently over your lashes, or you can dip a clean mascara wand into the oil and use that to spread the oil on your lashes. Avoid cotton swabs – like cotton balls or pads, cotton swabs are too harsh for your extensions.

If you take good care of your lashes at home, you can maintain them by getting touch-ups every few months and avoid having to have them completely redone. Ask your lash technician from a company like Bridal Hair Boutique how often your lashes will need to be touched up.  


13 September 2015

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