How to Maintain Your Airbrush Tan for Longer: Top Tips and Tricks

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When you treat yourself to a gorgeous airbrush spray tan, you want to keep that beautiful, sun-kissed glow as long as possible. By following a few easy tips and tricks, you can maintain your glow and extend the life of your tan. From pre-tan preparation to post-tan care, these practical steps will ensure your airbrush tan stays flawless and radiant for an extended period. Exfoliate Before Your Tan Achieving a long-lasting airbrush tan starts with proper pre-tan preparation.

17 October 2023

How To Choose The Perfect Shade Of Spray Tan For Natural-Looking Results

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When looking to get a spray tan, it's important to choose the right shade. If you go too light, your tan will look unnatural and streaky. And if you go too dark, you'll end up with an orange hue that doesn't look good on anyone. So how do you find the perfect shade for your skin? This article explores some tips to help you choose the right color for your spray tan.

10 November 2022

Tips For A Better Shave With A Safety Razor

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People often love shaving with a safety razor because, when done right, it can result in a closer shave. Safety razors also tend to cost less than other types of razors. However, if you're just making the transition to using a safety razor, there can be a bit of a learning curve involved. Here are a few tips that will help you make the switch. 1. Use a high-quality shaving cream

18 April 2022

Love To Make People Beautiful? Why You Should Become A Cosmetology Instructor

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Nothing can match the feeling of satisfaction that comes over you when a client takes a peek into the mirror after you've done their hair or makeup. If it's been some time since the client has had any kind of work done on themselves tears might start to well up in their eyes and you might even have to hold back a few yourself. Helping people feel good about themselves by doing their hair and makeup is truly a gift and one that should not be taken for granted.

8 April 2018

Learn What To Expect When You Want To Stylist To Dye Your Dark Hair A Bright, Bold Color

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Having your hair dyed a bold color is all the rage now. There are many women with dark hair who want to have their hair dyed a bright color but do not realize what it really takes. The guide below walks you through the steps that a stylist will need to take to make your dark hair bold and bright with hair dye. Your Hair Will Need to be Bleached

17 February 2017

Three Professional Hairstyles for Those Suffering From Depression

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Suffering from depression can make getting out of bed and going to work difficult. Unfortunately, going to work while depressed is what many individuals who suffer with the mental illness must do. If you are a depression sufferer, you may need to invent ways to be able to make getting ready for work easier. One of the most cumbersome parts of preparing for work is your hair. Here are three professional hairstyles that you can doing within a minute or so if you are dealing with depression.

15 February 2017

Tips For Detangling Natural Hair Wig

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If you have had long hair and have gone swimming, there is a good chance that you have experienced the horror of finding your hair tangled to the point where you have to go through it with a comb piece by piece over the course of an hour to get all of the snarls out. If you have made the switch to a natural hair wig, you might have found that horrible knots form without even going swimming.

27 January 2017

Favorite Perfume Discontinued? 2 Ways To Find A New Perfume Similar To Your Favorite With No Sniffing Required

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There are few feelings worse than when you finally fall in love with a beauty product and then, after using it loyally for years, finding out it has been discontinued. While it may take a hunt, you can often find similar shades of discontinued makeup online by browsing online, but when a favorite perfume is discontinued, it can be extra tough to find a replacement — you may have spent time sniffing new scents in stores only to become nose-blind after trying a few and finally leaving the store empty-handed.

27 January 2017

Is Spray Tanning Right For You?

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By now, you know that tanning beds or lying all day in the sun is not the healthiest option for achieving the tan you want. Realizing this, some people have turned to spray tans. If you are reluctant to try spray tanning or are unsure it is as effective as other tanning methods, it is important to know the pros and cons of spray tanning.   Why Should You Spray Tan?

20 January 2017

The Basics Of An American Traditional Tattoo

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Tattoos have become more mainstream than ever before in today's culture. Body art is used to express a variety of emotions and memories, but finding the right tattoo can be a challenge when there are so many styles available on the market. If you are looking for a tattoo that pays homage to tattooing's roots in America, then you might want to consider investing in an American Traditional tattoo. Here are three unique and important elements that define an American Traditional tattoo that you should include in your art's design.

16 January 2017