Favorite Perfume Discontinued? 2 Ways To Find A New Perfume Similar To Your Favorite With No Sniffing Required

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There are few feelings worse than when you finally fall in love with a beauty product and then, after using it loyally for years, finding out it has been discontinued. While it may take a hunt, you can often find similar shades of discontinued makeup online by browsing online, but when a favorite perfume is discontinued, it can be extra tough to find a replacement — you may have spent time sniffing new scents in stores only to become nose-blind after trying a few and finally leaving the store empty-handed. Thankfully, there are ways to find a perfume similar to your old favorite without sniffing any new scents. Read on to learn two ways to find a new perfume that smells so similar to your old favorite that you can purchase it online without even sniffing it in advance. 

1. Find a Perfume with Similar Notes

You may have heard someone explain a favorite scent by sharing its "notes," yet not truly understand how the notes of a perfume makes up its full, unique fragrance. However, perfume notes can be very easy to understand, and after you learn what the notes of your discontinued fragrance were, it will make it much easier to find a very similar fragrance.

All fragrances are made up of top, middle (or heart), and base notes. The top notes are those that you smell immediately after applying a fragrance, but then fade away very quickly. The middle or "heart" notes last longer than the top notes, but still fade away about 45 minutes after you apply the perfume. Finally, the base notes of a fragrance are those that linger for many hours. 

To find out what notes made your perfume your favorite, you can perform a simple online search for the name of the fragrance followed by the word "notes." You can then find out what the top, middle, and base notes of it were, so you can find one with very similar notes. 

For example, one popular perfume called "Green Tea" that is still being produced has five top notes, four middle notes, and five base notes that are all listed online. If this were your favorite discontinued fragrance, you could search for another that has similar notes, especially the longest-lasting base and middle notes, and look forward to a perfume you will likely love. 

2. Let a Fragrance Finder Do the Hunting For You

An even quicker and easier way to find a new fragrance very similar to your old favorite is to let technology do the work for you. There are now multiple "fragrance finder" websites online that direct you to fragrances similar to your old favorite. When you visit one of these websites, all you have to do is enter the brand and name of your discontinued favorite perfume into the website search engine. After you hit "submit," the website will display the names of one or more fragrances that are very similar to your old favorite. 

You can then try one or more of these similar perfumes and you may be surprised that you no longer miss your "old favorite" perfume and actually prefer a new one. 

If your favorite perfume has been discontinued, then use these tips to help you find a new fragrance you will likely love without even having to leave your home. You can then order one or more similar perfumes online and look forward to a perfume that feels like "the return of your old favorite" or one you may like even more. 

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27 January 2017

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