Three Professional Hairstyles for Those Suffering From Depression

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Suffering from depression can make getting out of bed and going to work difficult. Unfortunately, going to work while depressed is what many individuals who suffer with the mental illness must do. If you are a depression sufferer, you may need to invent ways to be able to make getting ready for work easier. One of the most cumbersome parts of preparing for work is your hair. Here are three professional hairstyles that you can doing within a minute or so if you are dealing with depression. 

Braided bun

When your body feels tired due to depression, the last thing that you want to have to do is hold up hair styling equipment. A quick braided bun can be performed on any hair type and can be done the night before or the morning of work. Inside of the shower, de-tangle your hair, then smooth it down into a ponytail. Braid the ponytail into one braid. Wrap your braid around the base of your ponytail holder and secure it with a bobby pin. If you do this overnight, sprinkle a little bit of water on your hair in the morning and slick it back with a little bit of gel. 

Sleek ponytail

If you would rather not manipulate your hair often, one hairstyle that you can do is the sleek ponytail. Wash your hair, then pull it back to dry or blow dry it once a week after washing. Once your hair is dry and pulled back, add a human ponytail to the back of your hair. The ponytail can be placed in your hair via the attachment on the hairpiece. This means that only the front of your hair will be exposed, allowing you to keep your hair clean all week. Only having to wash and deep condition once or twice a week will make your hair a nominal part of your routine. Check out retailers like Hair In A Pinch to find a hairpiece that works for you.

French braid

A single French braid makes the perfect hairstyle for someone who wants a one minute style in the morning. The French braid can be braided to one side of your head, or it can be straight back in the center of your head. This style is acceptable for all types of jobs or careers, and it only takes a minute or two when you get the hang of it. Secure the end of the french braid with a small rubber band, and pull out the rubber band when you get home and wish to go back to bed to rest. 


15 February 2017

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