Learn What To Expect When You Want To Stylist To Dye Your Dark Hair A Bright, Bold Color

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Having your hair dyed a bold color is all the rage now. There are many women with dark hair who want to have their hair dyed a bright color but do not realize what it really takes. The guide below walks you through the steps that a stylist will need to take to make your dark hair bold and bright with hair dye.

Your Hair Will Need to be Bleached

In order to get your hair to be as bright and bold as it can be, the stylist will need to get your hair as light as he or she can. This means that they will have to bleach your hair. Chemicals are used to turn your hair a light blond or even a white color. It will strip the color from your hair so that the stylist has a neutral canvas to work with.

You Need to Choose the Exact Shade You Want

You need to talk to the stylist about the exact shade you want your hair to be. There are some people who want to create an ombre look and have their hair look as if it changes colors as it goes down their head. Some people want to have different colored highlights throughout a base color. The stylist needs to know exactly what colors you want in your hair so that they can know what order to add the colors to your hair so that the colors can be as bright as possible.

Going from Dark to Bold Takes Time

When your stylist transforms your hair from dark to bright and bold, you need to realize that it will take many hours for the process to be completed. The bleach and the dye both need to sit on your hair for an extended period of time, plus you have to consider the time it takes to apply the products to your hair. Having your hair transformed will not be an in-and-out procedure.

Your Hair Will Need to be Cut

After you have your hair bleached and dyed, the ends of your hair will more than likely be a little damaged, brittle, and dry. You will need to get your hair trimmed to ensure that the damaged ends are removed from your hair so that they do not cause your hair to look frizzy when you style it.

When everything is said and done, you should have a look you love. It is important to realize that your roots will be very noticeable when they grow out, so you will need to be prepared to come into the salon on a regular basis to get your roots done if you want your hair to have a finished look at all times. Contact a salon like Town and Country Salon to learn more.


17 February 2017

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