Four Reasons Teens Should Have Regular Checkups With The Dermatologist

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It can be hard to get your teenager to all of the appointments and checkups that they need, but something that shouldn't be skipped are regular visits to the dermatologist. Dermatologists offer so much more than just cosmetic assistance these days and can help keep your child both confident and healthy. Here are four very real medical reasons your teen should start seeing a dermatologist on a regular basis.

1. Early Cancer Screening

Especially if skin cancer runs in your family or your child has fair skin, it is never too early to start screening for cancer. Dermatologists can assess your child's skin and make recommendations for specific types of sunscreens to use. They might also get through to your child regarding the importance of covering up when outdoors and making this a priority in one's day-to-day life. Dermatologists can discourage tanning and offer up alternatives such as sunless tanning products instead.

2. Learn Lifelong Skin Care Habits

Sometimes it is better for teens to hear advice from professionals rather than from their parents. Your child might not be taking their skin care routine seriously or might not realize that the choices they make today can affect their skin down the line. A dermatologist can provide advice and warn teens to get on the right track with long-term skin care regimens that can last a lifetime.

3. Acne Treatments

If your teen is struggling with ongoing acne, there might be prescription options that a dermatologist can provide. Acne can actually be more than just a teenage nuisance. This can lead to long-term scarring or might be something that will not clear up without prescription creams or medications. While your teen's self esteem is important, sometimes a dermatologist really is the key in clearing up longstanding acne.

4. Baseline for Irregular Moles or Spots

It is a good idea to have a starting point in the medical charts when it comes to your child's skin. Dermatologists can make note of any moles or skin irregularities early on and continue to monitor these for years to come. Without a starting point, it can be hard for dermatologists to assess changes and comparisons from previous visits.

While dermatologists can offer up products and skin care regimens that can help your teen feel better and look better, there are valuable medical reasons to make a dermatology appointment for your teen. Much like checkups to the doctor or dentist, be sure to make visits to the dermatologist a regular part of your teen's health care routine. To learn more, contact a clinic like Center Of Dermatology PC/Herschel E Stoller MD


1 March 2016

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