3 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Salon's Shampoo Bowls

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There are few things more enjoyable for a person than to get their hair washed at a salon. It can be extremely relaxing to have the salon worker massage your head as they get your hair ready for styling. However, that enjoyment can turn into horror if you notice the shampoo bowl is dirty, stained, or worse, smells badly before you get your hair washed. Not all salon workers realize that they must clean the shampoo bowl properly. Here are three tips for cleaning and maintaining your salon's shampoo bowls.

1. Use a household cleaner with a pleasant scent several times throughout the workday.

The good thing about cleaning shampoo bowls is that it usually only requires regular household cleaners to sanitize them. The catch is that you want to find one with a pleasant scent because your customers will have their heads in the shampoo bowl for several minutes.

While not everyone will like the same scent, it's hard to go wrong with a cleaner that has a citrus or floral scent. The idea is to clean the shampoo bowl without leaving an overwhelming chemical aroma from the cleaner.

You will want to clean the shampoo bowls several times during the workday to ensure that they are always clean for customers.

2. Use abrasive cleaners sparingly, if at all.

You should view your salon's shampoo bowls the way you view your sinks at home. If you have a beautiful sink with a polished finish, would you use an abrasive cleaner or scouring pad on it? Probably not, because that can scratch up the sink's surface. The same thing goes for the salon's shampoo bowls. If you want to keep them looking the way they did when they were first installed, you should only use abrasive cleaners when there is dirt or debris that can't be removed by regular cleaning methods.

3. Deep clean shampoo bowls at least once a week.

You should do a deep clean of your shampoo bowls at least once a week. You can do this by cleaning with baking soda and vinegar. This will help get rid of any hair clogs that are in the drains of the shampoo bowl.

Start by pouring boiling hot water down the drain, then pour in half a cup of baking soda and leave it to sit for several minutes. While you are letting the baking soda work, mix one cup of vinegar with one cup of very hot water. Then pour the vinegar water down the drain and plug the drain to keep the solution in the pipes while it works. After around 10 minutes, flush the drain with more boiling water. This should take care of any hair clogs you have.

If your salon has a large number of customers each day, you might want to use this cleaning method twice a week to ensure that your shampoo bowls don't get clogged drains. To learn more about the care of salon equipment, contact a provider such as Wholesale Salon Equipment.


28 May 2015

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