How to Do Simple Jewelry Repairs at Home

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If your favorite necklace or bracelet breaks, don't despair! Most jewelry repairs are simple enough to do at home with some basic tools and replacement items that you can purchase from your local craft shop. Here are instructions for what you need to do to repair each kind of jewelry and what tools you should use to get the job done.

Broken Clasp

Supplies needed: New clasp, jump rings, jewelry pliers

Start by opening up the old jump rings that attach the chain or beaded part of the necklace or bracelet to the clasp. Slip the old clasp off of the old jump rings. If the old jump rings looks salvageable, slip the new clasp onto the open jump rings and close with the jewelry pliers. If the old jump rings are damaged, take the chain off. Open up the new jump rings by using the pliers. Open them up just wide enough to slip the chain on and then follow with attaching the new clasp onto each side. Do one side at a time. Close the jump rings with the jewelry pliers.

Beads came off of broken string

Supplies needed: jewelry string, a jewelry needle, scissors, jewelry glue

Nothing is worse than the noise of the beads from your necklace or bracelet hitting the floor and rolling in a million different directions. First, gather up as many of the beads as possible and put them in a bowel. If there is enough string left to reuse, thread the jewelry needle, then start putting the beads back on by pulling the needle through each bead.

If the string is too damaged to reuse, take all of the beads off and put them in a bowel. Take a picture of the pattern on the necklace first so that you can duplicate it when you restring the beads. Cut off a length of the string. If the necklace has a clasp and jump rings, tie off the string to one of the rings and the clasp. If there is not a clasp, make a large knot in the string so that the beads won't slip off. Thread the needle and restring the beads, following the picture that you took. When the beads have been restrung, tie off the string to the other jump ring. Join the jump ring to the clasp. If there is no clasp, tie off the remaining string to the other side. Put a touch of jewelry glue on to each string knot and let the piece dry overnight.

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30 July 2015

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