A Quick Guide To Giving Yourself A Foot Massage

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Has your foot ever cramped up or felt sore when there was no one around who you could ask to give you a foot massage? The next time your foot starts to cramp, try out the techniques described below in this quick self-foot-massage guide.

The Position

Giving yourself a foot massage generally works best in one of two positions:

Chair MethodYou can sit in a chair and place one of your feet over your other knee while you attend to that foot. After you finish with your first foot, you can put it down and place your other foot over your opposite knee.

Cross-Legged MethodOr, if the first method does not appeal to you, you can sit down on the floor with your legs crossed. You may know this as sitting cross-legged or sitting criss-cross apple sauce. You will want to massage the foot that is in the forward or front position first, and then switch how your legs are crossed to address the other foot.

Start With Your Ankle

Put one hand around your foot in order to move it around. First, move your foot forwards and backwards. Then, move your foot side to side. This motion will help loosen up your ankle joint. You want to repeat this motion at least five times.

Apply Pressure To The Bottom Of Your Foot

Next, you'll want to continue to use one hand to hold your foot. This time, you will be trying to hold your foot still as you use your other hand to work on the bottom of your foot.

Take your other hand and place your thumb right under the base of your toes. You are going to slowly move your thumb and apply pressure from the base of your toes across the sole of your feet until you reach your heel. You'll want to repeat this process as many times as it takes for your thumb to apply pressure across the entire sole of your foot.

Apply Deep Pressure To The Bottom Of Your Foot

After you have finished the above step, it is time to really get into your foot.

You can continue to use your thumb to massage the bottom of your foot, or you can use your knuckles. Press your thumb or your knuckle into your foot, and move it around in a circular motion. When you reach a spot on the sole of your foot that feels really tender, apply pressure for at least ten seconds, then release. This will help break up any muscle fibers that are causing your foot to ache. 

Squeeze Your Toes

After you have worked over the bottom of your foot, it is time to move on to your toes. Use enough fingers on each toe to give it a good squeeze and then gently massage the toe before moving on to the next one.

You may want to repeat this process if your toes still feel stiff, but oftentimes once is enough.

Move To The Top

Finally, move your hand to the top of your foot. You can use both hands for this part. Use your hands or hand to squeeze your foot. You should hold it for about three seconds and then release. Start on the top of your foot and work your way up to your ankles, and then over to the sole of your foot.

Once you have completed the sequence above, move on to your other foot. The next time your foot is feeling sore, you can address it yourself using the method outlined above.

Foot pain can also be an effect of back pain, so consult a professional, like those at The Chicago FIX, for remedies for your foot and back pain. 


10 August 2015

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