The Battle Of The Bulge: Shopping For A Cocktail Dress That Disguises Your Tummy

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Every woman needs a stunning cocktail dress for special occasions, whether it is a night out on the town with an attractive man, a glitzy wedding, a holiday office party in a luxurious setting or some other dressy event. If you have a tummy bulge and don't want to spend the evening in a modern day corset, it is smart to choose a style that disguises this figure.

Choosing a Style

Many cocktail dresses fit snugly in the waist area. This is the look you want to avoid when trying to camouflage your belly. Ask the salesclerk to show you dresses with empire waistlines, princess seaming or an A-line style. The empire waist fits snugly just underneath the bust and then the fabric flows loosely down to your knees or ankles depending on the length of the dress.  A-line dresses are perfect for a woman who wants to disguise a thick waist or tummy, since they start out small at the top – like the letter "A" -- and gradually flare out wider toward the hem of the dress. Cocktail dresses with princess seaming visually elongate your figure, since the seams skim over the bust area and continue down to the hemline.  These styles draw the eyes up toward your bust and face and off your tummy area. Dresses with V-necklines also help to visually lengthen your body and draw attention away from your stomach area.

Choosing a Color

Choosing a cocktail dress in a dark, solid color helps elongate your body also. Little black dresses are always appropriate for cocktail parties and other celebrations, but you aren't limited to this color. Royal blue, charcoal grey, navy blue and even a dark golden brown shade can help you look slim and elegant.

Accessorizing the Dress

Accessories are vital to give the dress pizzazz. Choosing a bold or sparkly necklace keeps everyone's eyes focused on your face and smile. Complementary earrings and bracelets also add to the festive appeal of your ensemble. Wear flattering heels in the same color as your dress to help create a long, lean line. If you wear stockings, choose ones in the same tone as your dress and shoes to add to your sex appeal.

You don't have to spend a fabulous evening cringing in an uncomfortable girdle or shape wear that makes you long for the moment when you can leave the party and remove it. Purchasing the style of dress that makes the most of your body type and is actually comfortable helps ensure that the evening is memorable.

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28 October 2015

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