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Attending cosmetology school is the first step toward building a career in the salon industry. While attending cosmetology school, you will have the opportunity to gain practical experience by performing services on real clients. Many schools allow their students to keep any tips that they earn while working with live customers, so finding ways to earn big tips while you are still in school can be a great way to supplement your income.

Here are three key suggestions that will help you increase the size of your tips in the future.

1. Share your knowledge.

Chances are you will be learning many new and interesting things while attending cosmetology school. Taking the time to share some of the styling and hair care suggestions made by your instructors with clients could be a simple way to increase the size of your tips.

Not only will you get to help solidify your knowledge by repeating new information aloud, but your clients will feel as though they are gaining access to some industry secrets and inside information. This makes clients feel special and can lead to bigger tips for the services you perform on a cosmetology school's salon floor.

2. Make a good first impression.

Studies have shown that first impressions are made within the first seven seconds of meeting someone new. Making a positive first impression on new clients can be a simple way to encourage larger tips for the services you perform while in cosmetology school.

Nonverbal cues like straight posture and a warm smile let your clients know that you are confident in your abilities and happy that they decided to visit the salon. Take a few seconds to relax yourself before meeting a new client for the first time, and your positive first impression could pay off in the form of a larger tip at the register.

3. Follow-up with your clients.

Taking the time to follow-up with your clients lets them know that they are a valued part of your cosmetology school experience. Ask your school's receptionist if you can have the address information for the clients you see each day.

Create handwritten thank-you notes to mail out to your clients letting them know you appreciate their business. Doing a simple follow-up like this will help your clients feel a more personal connection with you, and that personal connection could translate to larger tips for future services.

Finding simple ways to increase the tips you earn in cosmetology school will help you generate income while building positive habits that will help you in your future career.

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23 June 2016

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